And That's Not Specific To Plumbing And Heating, That's Pretty Much Across The Board, De Young Said.

And paying back the industry for the success I've enjoyed. I'm very grateful." One of De Young's main goals for her presidency is to continue to address the industry's dwindling workforce. "There is projected to be a huge shortage of qualified workers in the near future because our young people aren't going into the trades. And that's not specific to plumbing and heating, that's pretty much across the board," De Young said. "That is a huge goal of mine, is to be more proactive in that process of workforce development. "I recently spoke to two classes at the high school about the opportunities that are available to our young people aside from a four-year college, whether it is vocational school or apprenticeships. There are huge opportunities there and they are really rewarding careers. I'm encouraging our contractors to start a conversation with their school districts, because that is where it all starts." Not only does the lack of workers hurt the industry as a whole, but if more workers don't enter the industry soon, the most experienced people who would be best suited to training in the next batch of industry workers will retire before getting the chance to teach the next generation. That could lead to a shift in the quality of skills of future workers, De Young said. The second goal De Young has for her presidency is to make more programs and benefits available to the heating membership of the PHCC. "A lot of us, like our business, are both, but there are a fair number that are just heating or just plumbing across the state.

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